Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Nude magazine

this is what Nude magazine replied about publicity:

'As regards your end of year show, I'm not sure whether there's much that we can offer. We'd be happy to provide some magazines for goody bags, but as far as a small ad in the magazine is concerned, we could only really offer that if we have some space available just before going to press that we need to fill up and if we did, it would be very short notice. More viable might be a flyer or leaflet which we'd be happy to put inside any copies going to London-based subscribers and people who subsequently order the magazine in the greater London/ Home Counties area. As you know, Nude is distributed both nationally and internationally, but there would be little point in sending flyers out to people in Manchester, New York, Tokyo etc. So if that's any use to you then I would suggest supplying us with about 200 flyers.'

i reckon we could still use them in some way...maybe.


1 comment:

  1. I think we can definately still use them! the magazine will be going tp the right people so i think that it would be really good for us!