Monday, 16 February 2009


I did this ages ago, just playing around with the idea of the hexagon shape.


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Want to make a big impact with your final degree show?

"Preparing for your Degree Show (23–27 February) is a week of FREE events and workshops at sites across the university to help you make the most of your exhibition.

Experts from across the University have assembled a series of events and workshops to create a practical guide to putting on your show, promoting yourself and making money.

Hear top tips from industry speakers and graduates who have been there and done it, to help make putting on your show a whole lot easier.

Open to all Arts London students.

Book now for events and workshops including:

• Practical networking skills
• Exhibiting your work online
• Time management
• Making money from your show
• How to protect your work
• One-to-one advice on pricing your work
• How to write a press release
• Self-promotion
• Future careers
• Tips from collectors
• How to keep your audience happy

Go to for more information and to book."

Might be useful if we attended these.


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Nude magazine

this is what Nude magazine replied about publicity:

'As regards your end of year show, I'm not sure whether there's much that we can offer. We'd be happy to provide some magazines for goody bags, but as far as a small ad in the magazine is concerned, we could only really offer that if we have some space available just before going to press that we need to fill up and if we did, it would be very short notice. More viable might be a flyer or leaflet which we'd be happy to put inside any copies going to London-based subscribers and people who subsequently order the magazine in the greater London/ Home Counties area. As you know, Nude is distributed both nationally and internationally, but there would be little point in sending flyers out to people in Manchester, New York, Tokyo etc. So if that's any use to you then I would suggest supplying us with about 200 flyers.'

i reckon we could still use them in some way...maybe.


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Press Packin'

tJust to show everyone what the press pack is going to look like. We're sending it off this week. So I hope you haven't got too many issues. As well it would be good if more people had Idea's of who we can approach for sponsorship. Or if they've got any links to media coverage. Magazines/websites anyone. Also we had the plan of packing them into clear envelopes. I had a few but only like 5 and when kylee and laura tried to get more today found out they cost like 40p each. not really viable. So if anyone can help out with that too.
See y'all tomorrow.

Hi all..................

I've just seen the press pack, looking good! The only issue I have with it is the 'Z' on beeZ,
do we really want this?

We're still doing it on yellow paper right?
And what about the envelope situation? I can get envelopes, 40 of them for free.
Are we still going to draw on them?



Hello everyone,

We are in the process of securing a location for our show, for this we need a contribution of £10.00 each month beginning on the 20th of February.

This will cover the cost of:

Van hire

Unfortunately if we don't receive the money by the 20th we will have to assume that you do not want to take part.

The money will be transferred immediately into a savings account and will be very safe.

P.S We will be having a meeting on Friday to discuss this further.


Laura/ Kaz/ Adam/ Kylee/ Chloe/ Kate/ Ross/ Kristina

Saturday, 31 January 2009

press pack.

adam did this for us. what does everyone think?