Wednesday, 28 January 2009


We were kind of disappointed with the turn out this morning, however we did have a productive morning.
Just so you are aware that the theme is based on the credit crunch, getting as much as we can for free and as we’re looking to exhibit in East London, we’ve taken a cockney rhyming slang for money, BEES AND HONEY.
This theme also reflects the differences of our course, illustrators and graphic designers working along side one another.
Adam is working on the design of the press pack.
Just so you ILLUSTRATORS know that we’ve come up with the idea to do a little drawing or something to personalise the envelope that we’re sending out the press packs in. So get sketching!
We’re on the look for A4 envelopes, of different sorts also! So start collecting!


Harley, Kaz and Ross.

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