Tuesday, 16 December 2008


After our visit to onedotzero I think we all were quite inspired about what we could potentially do with the show. So it would be really great if we can all keep in contact through Christmas, and post any updates, ideas or contacts we my have. Thanks.

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  1. SO what exactly was said there. Like where did they say to start. it's well and good thinking we could have a really nice show at the end. But right now all we need to do is get a space. I spoke to someone that said the best way to approach galleries and actually get a result is to create a press pack. We need to design something that we can give them. That gives an idea of what our show will be about. the sort of work that could be included. And sort of why we want to use an outside uni space.
    Then we just go to the ones we're interested in.
    So really we could do with a few of us getting together as soon after christmas as possible to create this.

    Post your phone numbers up as well so we can keep in contact.
    Ross 07947918813