Saturday, 20 December 2008

Kylee - onedotzero feedback sponsorship talk

Basically we need to create a pdf about us, we need to let potential sponsors know, what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it will benefit them to sponsor us, we need to outline exactly what they will get out of it. 

The slides should contain roughly the following:

1. Title, front page, dates, what it is, who it is.

2. Core operations, uni and course

3. Numbers, what goes on at uni, the structure of course, stats, status of college in the design world, significance that the course is rare, designers and illustrators working together. Basically why Camberwell and the course is great.

4. Why they should sponsor us. eg. it would be good for the company to show that they engage with students and are keen on new talents, branding and marketing, how will the event be advertised or invite only? emails, newsletter, uni publications, websites?

5. Output, people attended, household names of people that have been through Camberwell eg. Tim Roth apparantly studied at Camberwell so did Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The prospectus that contained interesting facts about Camberwell would be good for this. This also needs supporting visuals.

6. Explaining what will happen in the show.

7. Who we are engaging with, guests, facts and figures. There is a system 'ABCD social goup' a simple way of stating the type of people attending, ours would probably be 'ABC1 95%' 
A - City educated working class people
B - Business leaders middle class people
C - Lower management people
Also details of the two core groups targeted.
The ratio of men to women would also be put on the same page.
(not sure if I have explained this one very well)

8. Breakdown of what we want from the company, (some people don't put this one)


Location? ideas of location posted on here so everyone can have a look and share ideas.

Visuals - can we create visuals of a suggested identity? It is good to have a feel for what it would look like upfront, details where sponsors details would go, if it be on the invites, or if there is a screen displaying sponsors as you walk in to the show.

We need to explain ourselves and how great we are as a team. use the uni prospectus. 'creative new talent' 'innovative' etc. 

What will be showing at the exhibition? posters? books? illustrations? print work?

We need to think about a theme and equipment we might need.

Media quotes? 10 things you didn't know about Camberwell college of art.

Goody Bags, we could simply approach companies in london asking for promotional material that we might put together in a take away goody bag, a lasting reminder of the show.

Community, the value of the creative community, we could advertise through SU bar, it will be advertised through word of mouth, event on facebook and mentioning the fact that facebook did infact grow from a student community.

At the end of the day we are not asking for that much sponsorship in comparison to the large companies that ask for a lot more, however if we look as professional as possible we won't be written off as just another group of students that want free stuff.

Also we need to think about numbers? this will determine the space we get and everything else will fit around this, amount of drinks required, promotional material etc.

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